In order to achieve all sided development of personality and to create social awareness and sensitivity, the N.S.S. unit of this college is persistently engaged in several activities. The students who participate in this project get opportunities of personality enrichment through several cultural, social, and educational programmes. In order to inculcate values such as respect towards the nation, sense of national integration, dignity of labour, the N.S.S. programmes play a key role. There is a separate N.S.S. unit actively working since 1998-99.

Motto of N.S.S: NOT ME BUT YOU
1. Social obligation.
2. Personality Development.
3. Promote Leadership.
4. Nation Building.
5. Social Work.
6. Responsible Citizens

Camp activities:
Sr.No.Name of the ActivityNo of Beneficiaries
1 Awareness on Right to Education Bill 200
2 Importance of Agriculture, Rural Development and Forestation in the Eyes of Mahatma Gandhi 250
3 Prevention of Manmade Hazards & Solutions 150
4 SantGadagebaba Rural Cleanliness Campaign 125
5 Women Empowerment 150
6 Rural Development Through Eradication of Superstitions 250